Become an affiliate

We are a small company trying to provide exclusive and excellent quality accessories, apparel/clothing, jewelry for men and women within $100.

This is a brand new program so, we are hiring only few expert affiliates this time. You can earn from $10 - $10,000 easily.

You will be given 10% basic commission for each sale of our product and additional 3% commission for repeating customer purchase within 34 days and many more. When you make 100 sales a month you get 11% commission ,When you make 200 sales a month you get 12%,for 400 sales a month you get 13%,for 700 sales a month 14% and for 1000,2000, 3000 or higher sales a month you get 15% commission

But you will have to make minimum 5 sales per month to remain in this program.

PLEASE use the given link to register for the program.